Tigris is a decentralized synthetic leverage trading platform on Arbitrum, Meter and Polygon that allows anyone to trade crypto, forex, and commodities directly from their wallet.

⚒️Listed Pairs

Asset prices are sourced through a powerful oracle system powered by Pyth. Thanks to our architecture, all orders are instantly executed at the exact selected price with no slippage.


On top of regular orders, Tigris features the possibility to add and remove margin, open a position on top of another and to partially close positions.

📈Fees and trading guide

Liquidity for traders is provided through Liquidity Tokens, the protocol own tokens that can be staked to receive 30% of trading fees.

🪙Trading Liquidity

70% of trading fees and governance power is distributed to staked TIG. TIG is fairly launched and distributed with no private deals or VC raises.

🏛️TIG and Governance

Anyone can create a Referral and start earning 10% on trading fees as rebates.


Limit orders and liquidations are performed by execution bots. Anyone can run it to earn fees.

💻For Developers

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