Opening a trade

To open the Pairs panel, click on your current ticker. Select a pair you want to trade. Assets are separated in categories and you can use the search bar to easily find a pair.

Click on 'Long' or 'Short' depending on which side you would like to open a position on. After selecting, use the slider or type in the margin you want to pay and the leverage you want to use. The margin slider will travel from 5 to the token balance in your wallet. In the below example 50 USDT are being used to open a 50x LINK/USD long position of size $2500.

The chart will show your Liquidation, Take Profit (TP), Stop Loss (SL) prices and Profit and Losses (PnL) amounts.

To edit your SL and TP you can either use the slider, click on the chart or manually input the price.

SL slider travels from 0% to -90% while TP slider goes from 0% to 500%. Is not possible to set up a TP for more than 500% profit.

Select the token you want to use to open your position.

Click on the Long button to open the trade. You will see the confirmation in the top right of the screen. Your opening price will be displayed on the chart by a blue line. The order is instantly executed the moment you click the 'Long' button. There is no price impact or slippage.

Opening and closing fees are 0.10% on commodities and crypto pairs and 0.02% on forex. There is also a Funding Fee that is either paid or received every second based on open interest. The hourly funding rate is shown in the pairs info bar.

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