🆕First time trading on-chain

Trading setup

Tigris is a decentralized trading platform live on Arbitrum, Meter and Polygon. You don't need to register an account to use the platform. In order to trade, you need a personal crypto wallet with some funds on it, as blockchains require the user to pay a variable amount in gas to execute any transaction. You can use the following tokens as trading collateral:

BlockchainGas TokenTrading collateral











If you're trading from your personal computer, the best wallet you can use is Rabby (recommended for Ledger/Trezor users). There are also a lot of other wallets available like Frame, Metamask or Rainbow. If you're trading from your phone, any wallet like Trustwallet, Metamask or 1inch will work just fine.


If you are not familiar with Arbitrum or Polygon, and can't move funds to it by CEX, you can bridge (move tokens from one chain to another) to either of them by using Bungee. For Meter https://passport.meter.io/ is available.

Proxy wallet

The Proxy Wallet is a separate wallet which makes possible to use the platform without needing to confirm every trading transaction.

The proxy wallet only stores ETH or MATIC in order to pay for gas fees. All funds used for trading always remain inside the user's wallet.

You are the sole person with access to the proxy wallet's private key, which is stored locally in your browser's cache. The proxy wallet is not a smart contract, and it's coupled to your address. You can access it on any device or browser by connecting with the same address.

Funding the proxy wallet

Open Tigris and connect your wallet. With gasless mode off you will have to deposit some gas in the proxy wallet:

  • 0.0015 ETH on Arbitrum,

  • 2 MTR on Meter,

  • 5 MATIC on Polygon.

The balance of the proxy wallet is shown next to the network selection dropdown.

After having funded and approved the proxy wallet, you will be asked to approve the token used for trading. You are now ready to trade with leverage.

First trade

Select a pair and open a position (more info in the trading guide).

After closing your trading, your balance +/- your profit (PnL) will be paid out in Liquidity Tokens (tigUSD or tigETH). To swap it back head over to the Vault page. There is no fee on swapping.

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