Multisig and Timelock

Tigris is governed by the DAO but the Team actually executes its decisions and deploys smart contracts.

The Team is composed of:

The Team controls the Multisig which contains all treasury funds and is governed by a 2/3 threshold.

The MultiSig is a digital wallet that operates with multiple signatures. This means that all transactions must be approved and executed by at least 2 team members.

Each network has its own MultiSig. Anyone can check and follow all funds moviments:

Token ownership and Timelock

TIG is currently deployed on Arbitrum, Polygon, Polygon zkEVM and Meter. The token contract contains a mint function but no addresses are set as minter.

The ownership of the token belongs to each respective MultiSig, which is controlled by the team. Token ownership is needed in order to eventually deploy the token on more chains supported by LayerZero, as only the owner can set new bridgeable chains.

To offer more protection while keeping management flexible for urgent deployments, a 3 days timelock has been set on TIG. The TimeLock is a contract that imposes a minimum waiting period before a transaction can be executed.

Timelock contracts:

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