💎xTIG and trading rewards

Every 24 hours, starting at midnight GMT, 100 TIG are distributed among traders proportional to the fees they generate . To incentivize the use of the new tigETH liquidity pool, transactions using WETH as collateral have twice the weight in the xTIG calculation.

By trading, xTIG is automatically credited to the user. Earned balance is shown on the top right of the screen and it updates in real time.

By clicking on it, is possible to see the total stats for the trading day.

After the day has concluded, the tokens can be claimed in the form of xTIG.

After claiming, a trader can either:

  • Unlock it immediately for a 50% penalty.

  • Wait the end of the day to unlock it and withdraw it as TIG.

  • Leave it as it is, since xTIG earns trading fees like staked TIG.

Out of the total supply of 2 million TIG, 100,000 tokens have been reserved for volume mining. Trading rewards are live on Arbitrum with 100 TIG per day, which will be adjusted if needed.

Another feature of xTIG is the possibility of adding extra rewards to it. This way, another project can sponsor one or multiple trading epochs on Tigris.

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