📈Fees and trading guide

Listed Pairs

Trading features:

  • All open trades are minted as NFTs

  • Leverage: Commodities: 2x - 100x Crypto: 2x - 150x Forex: 4x - 500x

  • Zero settlement time

  • Guaranteed Market Order prics

  • Guaranteed Take Profit and Stop Loss price

  • Guaranteed Limit Order price

  • No price impact

  • No slippage

  • Option to add and remove margin

  • Option to open a position on top of another

  • Option to partially close positions

  • Chart trading

  • Click trading


  • Minimum trade size is $500.

  • All pairs have a spread calculated as

spread = -spreadApproaching * (relativePriceDifference) ** curveAmplification + spreadApproaching

curveAmplification = 60;
spreadApproaching = 0.002;
  • Maximum PnL is +500%. The trade won't be closed unless the user sets a Take Profit order or closes the position manually.

  • Stop order prices are not guaranteed.

  • A trade can't be closed until 7 seconds after opening have passed.

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