To protect liquidity providers each pair has a dynamic spread, based on short-term price volatility using the 10min SMA indicator.

Spread is calculated as:

spread = -spreadApproaching * (relativePriceDifference) ** curveAmplification + spreadApproaching

curveAmplification = 100; 
spreadApproaching = 0.004;

curveAmplification is an arbitrary value that determines how sharp the curve is; spreadApproaching is the spread % at maximum price difference between current price and x minute SMA. This formula makes the spread react instantly to big price movements while allowing a small spread during periods of low volatility.

The spread value is shown in the pairs info bar above the chart.

You can also see the spread in the price chart as the BID and ASK prices.

Longs open at ASK while shorts open at BID.

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